NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION HAS OPENED the ACADEMIC YEAR 2017/2018. WAVE I STARTED February 1 2017 – July 31, 2017. WAVE II STARTED 1 August-3 SEPTEMBER 2017. Click here for registration info

The announcement of the

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    Library Yudharta Can Grant From PNRI

    Library Yudharta Can Grant From PNRI

    10 February, in order to increase the knowledge and insights of interest read the students in the Library, the National Library of the Republic Yudharta Indonesia (PNRI) …

    Yudharta MoU with Traders and Technology Institute

    University Yudharta return to cooperation with foreign campuses. On this occasion, in cooperation with the Manitoba Institute of Trades …

    Election Commission-pasuruan-goes-to-campus

    The Pasuruan Goes To Campus

    Friday 13/01/2017, ELECTION COMMISSION goes to campus, MPM (Student Consultative Assembly) University Yudharta Pasuruan is working with ELECTION COMMISSION (Commission election …

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