NOTICE of Registration Exam Thesis 2017

With respect to the registration exam will be administered even semester thesis 2016/2017 at the Faculty of Islamic studies, we hereby notify the student of the Faculty of the Islamic religion to pay attention to the following things:
1. Time and place of the registration, the registration
a. Date: 10 July — 17 JuIl 2017
(b). Time: 09.00-Place & 14.00 WIB, Office of Faculty of the religion of Islam
2. Implementation Of Examination Theses
a. Day/date: Saturday, July 22, 2017
(b). Time: 09.00-Place & completed, Buildings and associated costs
3. Clothing at the time of examination
a. Clothing white top coat alma mater, wearing suit (for men)
(b). Subordinate black and bersepatu

Pasuruan, 08 July 2017
Dean Of The Faculty Of The Islamic Agarna

Asrul Anan, S.Ag., M. PdI
NIP. Y. 0860305038