UYP Agreed Cooperation With Petra Suarabaya

University Yudharta Pasuruan Pasuruan is one of the universities in the Pasuruan Regency are always put forward inter-religious harmony believers with his tagline The Multicultural University on Saturday to be exact on September 26, 2015, the signing of a Memorandum Of Understanding with the Christian University of Petra Surabaya, direct the signing attended by Rector of University Yudharta Pasuruan, which in this case was Dr. h. Saifulah, MHI and damping in directly by the Pembina Foundation Darut Tawqa at once caregivers boarding schools Ngalah i.e. KH. Sholeh Bahruddin damping and also Provost III: Student Affairs and cooperation namely Dr. Khoirul Huda, SH, m. Hum as for the Petra Christian University attended by Rector i.e. Prof. IR. Rolly Intan M.A. Sc., Dr. Eng. and accompanied by a section of the Bureau of administrative cooperation and the development of the Pcu i.e. Meilinda, M.A. in the signing, both sides agreed to cooperation in the fields of teaching, research, community development and human resources.