Joint statement of participants of the national Interfaith Inventiveness and culture

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
Best Wishes For All Of Us
Peace and blessings Dalem
Om Swastiastu
Namo Buddhaya
Dé Wei Dong Tian (read: wei te tong tien)
Rahayu Rahayu Rahayu

On 14-15 November 2016, as many as 43 multicultural network node in Indonesia held a meeting to discuss the theme: "Sow Peace promoting diversity To Knit & Indonesia Increasingly Civilized & Justice Through local cultural Wisdom."

Of the two-day meeting, the participants agreed on a national appointment matters as follows:

First, we will take any religious need to always introspective in living a life of keberagamaan. In the context of interaction with other believers, should any religious emphasis on the values of mutual understanding for the creation of harmony in the life of nation and State

Second, we recognize that religious broadcasting is call any religion. However we urge religious proselytism do it the cool way taking into account the aspects of life and harmony in a country.

Thirdly, we urge the Government to be firm and not discriminatory, in accordance with the regulations and laws in force, against those who try to undermine the harmony between people and threaten the existence of the SO.

Fourthly, we urge the Government in order to appreciate the local wisdom, culture and religion in making policy formulation. In applying the policy, the Government should not impede public participation and eroding the diversity and local potentialities.

Fifth, we are concerned with the destruction of Indonesia's environmental conditions. For that we call upon the Government and the people of religion to be more active in maintaining and restoring the environmental sustainability as a home for all beings and the integrity of creation.

Sixth, we invite people to develop and spread the teachings of the religion theology/appreciate kemajemukan, peace, and respect for the environment.

Seventh, we urge the Government aware of an intrusion of radical ideology of Pancasila, which contradicts the CONSTITUTION 45, Bhinneka Tunggal lka and SO, as well as trying to influence students, college students, and young people in General.

Eighth, we invite young people to proactively take care peace in creative, innovative, and in accordance with the character of young people.

Such statement of participants of the national meeting of 2016. May God Almighty give his grace to the people and State of Indonesia in the care of the peace promoting diversity, so that created & Indonesia increasingly civilized & justice.

Wassalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
May The Lord Bless
May God Bless
Om Şanti Şanti Şanti Om
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu
Yŏu xián Yì Dé (read: sien you i te)
Rahayu Rahayu Rahayu Ingkang Tinemu

Klaten, November 15, 2016