Kopertis WASDALBIN VII (East Java) 2017

Pasuruan, Tuesday, June 20, 2017. University Yudharta Pasuruan, who is one of the private Colleges under Kopertis seventh area of East Java, on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 receive Team Supervision, control and construction of private University Kopertis seventh area of East Java, the team consists of Drs. Supradono, MM, Mayastuti, M.SM, Dwi Hastuti, S. Sos, Lawyer Hotman Simanjuntang.

Team Wasdalbin Kopertis Region VII is present in East Java town of Pasuruan Yudharta University is a regular activity each year in order to carry out the functions of supervision, control and coaching against private University located Territory Kopertis VII East Java.

"We will check all the data already prepared based on some aspect of yesteryear. If in terms of existing infrastructure on the campus at a glance looks already very adequate, so it may not need to be checked one by one ", Drs. Supradono, MM, while smiling.

For a little over 3 hours photographing documents all activities of institutions and cooperation (Lemkerma), education and produce educators (Diktendik), as well as infrastructure completed review by the team. "Alhamdulillah thanks to the hard work of the team of all the processes in the Wasdalbin this can be resolved quickly and smoothly", explains Mayastuti, s. E, M.Sm as a Technical Controller. He added if the results on the pitch will be previewed in the later pass on to Secretary of Executing Kopertis Region VII before officially communicated to the institution concerned.

Team Wasdalbin Kopertis Region VII (East Java) carry out the supervision, control and coaching at the University of Pasuruan, Yudharta so that's worth noting every year Kopertis Wasdalbin activities routine (supervision of construction and control), a series of evaluation activities the Organization of higher education. In this context Kopertis formed a team which was commissioned in the field to see the direct and evaluate academic INSTITUTION. This is a form of surveillance, as well as the efforts of early detection of problems that exist in the INSTITUTION.

Not only that with the development of today's society are getting smart to assess the quality of higher education by looking at the status and rank of accreditation issued by national accreditation Bodies of higher education (BAN-PT). So the community can not're fooled, they will see whether it is already accredited college or not, with the supervision and control of a good who always give the value of the potitif for University Yudharta Pasuruan so obtain accreditation B.

University Yudharta Pasuruan to thank the Wasdalbin Team has provided a lot of input for good University Yudharta Pasuruan ahead.