Four Teams Lecturer FAI Nominated DIKTIS Devotion Help

Four teams of professors from the Faculty of Islamic University Yudharta Pasuruan successfully nominated public service assistance programs organized by Islamic religious higher education Directorate of 2017. Earlier, a party that has been followed by bergensi approximately 1400 lecturers from all over the PTKIS and PTKIN across Indonesia. But only hundreds of Professors who successfully passes the selection.

Four teams successful FAI Lecturer nominations spread across three different service clusters. First, the two teams qualified for Lecturer in community-based outreach cluster (the flagship), namely Amang Fathurrahman, m. PdI with m. Dayat, MM, and Adi Kuswoyo Nyoko, m. ThI with Mukhid Mashuri, m. ThI. Second, a team of Professors qualify in place of worship outreach cluster (the flagship), Ahmad Marzuki, m. PdI and m. m. Hashim, Pd, then third, followed by rookie devotion cluster by Ahmad Zainuddin, m. Thi.

As tindaklanjut, the Islamic Religious higher education Directorate (was recorded. PTKI Subdit) through research and community services invite prospective recipient community at the Seminar Proposal Assistance Community in Solo and Bekasi.

As the released pages, Kasubdit Research and devotion to the people of Muhammad Zain explains, participants are professors who declared academically proposal selection. They will be asked to present the design of operational service in the presence of a team of testers to see actual issues and action strategies in the process of devotion to the community.

"In addition to selecting a proposal, the seminar to encourage lecturers do synergy and partnership with the community in doing community services programs. The partnership was later expected to give birth to the changes and view the various social dynamics that develop in the middle of society, "said Zain, Monday (17/07).

According to m. Zain, during this criticism of the public service being held PTKI is public service that has not given birth to social theories that are new and have not brought forth knowledge. "Outreach Program must describe social dynamics and data-based so it can be terefleksikan with the good," said Zain.

It said Zain, the dynamics of social change and societal runs very quickly. The community is a living laboratory. The community is a reference or a giant library. The community is a connectedness of diversity. The community and the University must be connected to the essential and technical basis. Lecturer in environmental PTKI have to do with the process was directly involved in the process of community with critical social analysis and strategies of action which is rich in ideas.

As information, the aid community is given annually to the Islamic religious College lecturers (PTKI). This assistance program became one of the principal activities to support the development of Islamic education.

PLT. Kasi Community Anis Masykhur convey that to strengthen strategies and akse mastery theory in devotion to the community, the recipient will be given insights that enrichment is packed in short course community in some locations. "Of the funds received, there are budget allocations earmarked for financing short course. We hope, the professors have enough stock in the community so as to get maximum results, "says Anis.