Training Public Speaking by Student Association of Islamic Religious Education

Himaprodi (PAI) Islamic Education University Yudharta Pasuruan Public Speaking training with the theme “Changing the mentality of students PAI as forming the paradigm of professional education”. The training was attended by over 30 participants that took place in the building of the Hall of Pancasila University Yudharta Pasuruan, on Saturday (02.18.17). The event lasted for […]

Prodi Held A National Seminar On IAT

Saturday 11/2/5, the set course students Study the Qur’an and Tafsir (IAT) participate raised the dignity and the dignity of women by holding a national seminar on the theme “women: the Verdict-Judge verdict women in the interpretation of the Qur’an and the social sciences”. The event was attended by 350 participants are housed in the […]

Library Yudharta Can Grant From PNRI

10 February, in order to increase the knowledge and insights of interest read the students in the Library, the National Library of the Republic Yudharta Indonesia (PNRI) provides grants to book 100 PTS/PTN se-Indonesia, each get 1000 or 2000 copies of the book title. On this occasion that gives help book is Abbie Nurjaman as […]

The KPU Pasuruan Goes To Campus

Friday 13/01/2017, ELECTION COMMISSION goes to campus, MPM (Student Consultative Assembly) University Yudharta Pasuruan is working with ELECTION COMMISSION (Commission on Elections) Pasuruan socialization procedures in the framework of the general election. In this Ibu Titin socialization as a speaker to convey how the duties and authority of the Election Commission, DKPRM, and BANWASLU in […]