A Public Dialogue On Tackling Drugs

The circulation of narcotic drugs in the environment of the young generation in East Java began to enter the stage of worrying. Because, every year the number of users of narcotic drugs continues to grow. Concerns were taken seriously the head of prevention and community empowerment BNNP Jatim, AKBP Ria Damayanti, SH, MM. He sets […]

Ahmad Baso: Walisanga Command is to uphold Islam Nusantara

The emergence of the term Islam Nusantara is indeed new, but in fact the practical concept of Dawah has been running the walisanga. The Walisanga, especially Sunan Giri, calling Islam Nusantara as Din Arabic Jawi, namely the Islamic religion from the Arab character of the Jawi. "Islam Nusantara is not new, it has been called […]

Psychology student held Counseling Free for 1 month

Psychology student open practice counseling in car parking Yudharta University. These activities are already carried out each year on the odd semesters. Last year housed at basecamp hima psychology, while at times this place was more open, so that participants who followed the guidance of clien/more of this. There are already recorded 20 participants who […]