A rare small with great concern By HUMANIKA

Pasuruan, Thursday, June 22, 2017. The set of students of Engineering Informatics HUMANIKA Yudharta Pasuruan University held a ceremony in order thanks to the delights of God Almighty, because the course Informatics UYP got accreditation B, coupled to with iftaar (Bukber) with children Orphaned in the East Java town of Pasuruan Sukorejo region, this event is housed in the mosque of Mojolengko, Village Mojolengko, village Pakukerto, district Sukorejo Regency Pasuruan.

The event was attended by the head of the Informatics Courses UYP, Ustad Lukman Hakim, s. Kom., m. Kom, while opening the event officially. In his speech he expressed, this being such activity program working (proker) compulsory for HUMANIKA.

"For me, this kind of activity, iftaar and compensation with the children became Orphaned proker mandatory every force HUMANIKA, and God willing will continue such activities carried out by each force" said Mr. Lukman.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the HUMANIKA Ainul Tek1nn says, the theme of the activity, titled "A rare small with great concern" are expected to be impacted for others from small things, such as on orphans and Strays.

"Why do we use the editor words rare in this theme, because we want to try from a small deeds that could give a positive impact for others in the future, especially for the orphans, with activities like this relationship with God can and relationship with humans as well." he said.

These activities include Istighasah, compensation for orphans, celebrate the accreditation, celebrate the anniversary of the HUMANIKA. Hopefully future HUMANIKA UYP became more advanced and successful.

By: Ainul Raulmarroquin