Ahmad Baso: Walisanga Command is to uphold Islam Nusantara

The emergence of the term Islam Nusantara is indeed new, but in fact the practical concept of Dawah has been running the walisanga. The Walisanga, especially Sunan Giri, calling Islam Nusantara as Din Arabic Jawi, namely the Islamic religion from the Arab character of the Jawi.

"Islam Nusantara is not new, it has been called by walisanga, especially Sunan Giri. DIN Arabic Jawi, i.e. Islam from Saudi but with the character of Jawi. Even the Sunan Giri says must uphold Islam Nusantara. Arab Kimuddin Jawi, the sentence is found in the Rojo Suryo Fibers, "explained Ahmad Baso, intellectual NU, when it became a public lecture pengampu themed Study Islam Nusantara Poskolonial Methodology Perspective, in the course of the postgraduate University Multicultural PIES Yudharta Pasuruan, Saturday (31/12/2016).

"When Sunan Giri membaiat Kings of Java, Sunan Giri gave the title to a monarch with the title of ' Arab Kimuddin Jawi '. That is, the Kings in Java should have a commitment to uphold Islam Nusantara. It's not just the Islamic Arab or Arab Din but also need to practice and his voice of Jawi, Baso "continued in his speech he.

Baso also provides reinforcement of how to establish Islamic Archipelago during the Walisanga and what can be done at this point.

"Upholding Islam Nusantara, Sunan degrees with love payunging wong kapanasan, love tekaning wong kang kalunyon, love oboring wong kang kepetengan (protect from overheating, shows the correct path for people who get lost, and illuminate the people who experienced the dark, red.)," said the author of the book the religion of NU to SO this to dozens of students.

"As for the Sunan Giri, in the text of Musawaran, the guardian asserted, jawaby-jawaby tekatiro, maksudiro, bae gatherings we can vary the opinion, but still a destination. In doing so, we should not easily blame the other person, "he added Baso.

Is, therefore, the legal rules set forth the Meatball in al-Imam Al-Shaafa'i related work of Umm Kontekstualisasi Islamic teachings where it evolves.

"In al-Umm, saying that sciences are owned by their respective Nations and countries can be interpreted and practised Islam. That is, Islam can be adapted to the territory, region, natural condition, and how pengamalannya our society, or culture, "said Vice Chairman of PP Lakpesdam NU year 2010-2015.

"Poets belong to Kagem Kyai righteous, Yes this Islam of Nusantara Islam Nusantara, very well. The poem, written in that ' ala Sunan Ngalah Lodge Kalijogo, ngelestarekno agomo passing budoyo ', "pungkasnya in public lectures.

Source: forumdemokrasi.com