Appointment of the national cross-faith and culture (Part 1)

After travelling for about 10 minutes I am Ahmad Marzuki and Amang Thorsson Yudharta Pasuruan — represent Universities and boarding schools Ngalah–to Perform at the Klaten, Central Java Monday 14 November 2016 four o'clock in the afternoon. First day at start with Ceremonial events attended by the mother of the Regent of Klaten, followed the introduction of the participants from the various Interfaith knot in Halmahera, Indonesia (Minahasa, Lampung, Manado Jakarta, Solo, Pekalongan, … DST) as well as sharing experiences together about MULTICULTURAL in each area.

Initial discussion starts from Gus Jazuli Chairman of Community Forum (FKUB) Faithful Klaten, at one time in charge of the Celebration of the national Interfaith Inventiveness in International Tolerance Day concert. An ordinary man called Gus Jaz tells many things about real action in the area of the effort to enhance the harmony and caring for kebinekaan. Including initializing the existence of Multicultural Partner Indonesia (MMI), which has run a variety of programs including; The joint command post for security large Interfaith celebration, Interfaith Fast Reactions to solve social problems.

According to Gus, the Jaz, "need to let representatives of the node-node Interfaith deliver experiences in each area, as it embodies the wisdom of keeping the peace and the local culture is our common responsibility". More Gus Jaz expect the concept of "Multicultural Village" can be terrealisasi with indications as follows; has more than one place of worship, has unique traditions and symbols of culture, the presence of togetherness in dealing with the problem of social, economic, and political.

In addition to the discussion above, the next day the activity is planned to be held a talk show with the theme "Sowing Peace in the midst of the development of local cultural Wisdom Through Multicultural in Knit Kebinekaan" guided by facilitators of The neng Alisa Wahid Institute.