Appointment of the national cross-faith and culture (Part 2)

One of the National Interfaith Meeting agendas and culture, on the first day, 14 November 2016, discuss about the different experiences of the participants in various areas. Good in Klaten, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Lampung, Banyumas, Minahasa, and many other cities.

Many pengelaman to be learned in the development of tolerance and the resolution of issues that arise in religious and cultural dynamics in the community. One interesting note as presented by FKUB Klaten.

In his speech he delivered by Gus Jazuli, that basically, the people of Indonesia who have cultural diversity, and also the attitude of tolerance, so that certainly every village has the wisdom of the local culture. Thus, the multicultural village in principle is to be part of the inherent in every village in Indonesia.

To assess the multicultural village, FKUB Togetherness develop various indicators, in the village of multicultural development, such as:

  1. There were a mutuality of residents of the village, both in the field of social, cultural, religious, economic, and various other fields which can be perceived together by the villagers.
  2. There is a wealth of local wisdom and spirit, which became a symbol of the locality, or even developed in the form of cultural tourism.
  3. The conflict never happened behind religion, even if there is a conflict then the issue can be resolved by themselves without the intervention of a third party.
  4. There are places of worship more than one kind in the village.

A variety of village-based multicultural local wisdom is becoming a base for developing Concord and interfaith tolerance. Lots of variety of ways and strategies that had already been done by the people in the villages of Klaten to develop multicultural villages, among which are: there is a program "arisanlintasiman".

Arisan interfaith, not much different from arisan-arisan in General. However, this activity becomes important as capable of being a medium for "telling stories". In these activities, participants arisan will definitely tell you about their neighborhood, tells the story of their culture, storytelling tentangberbagai problems and solutions that have already been made. So the togetherness and tolerance among them naturally waking up nicely.