Cross Religious Figures In Germany Frequented Yudharta


Pasuruan, Monday 11 October 2016 University Yudharta back when some religious figures from Germany. They are not just from Muslims but also of the Christian religion. Their purpose is to find out and learn together about the harmony between the believers there are in Indonesia, especially in Java, so according to the sayings of mother Sabine as the Coordinator of religious figures from Germany Christian.

In the meeting there was a dialogue between religions that discuss Da'wah strategy harmony between religious causes to the religious life and State remain in harmony and peace. While welcome, Reverend Suwarno as complementary activities it says "more than 25 religious figures from Germany from either Islam or Christianity. Half of it is assigned a visit in Jombang Tebuireng boarding schools and half of another visit in boarding schools Ngalah Pasuruan. Of course the intent of their arrival is reinforcing peace between believers are there in Germany. " Then followed the University's Rector greeting Mr. Saifullah "already there are visits from Germany four times this year. Their purpose is not another MOU (Red: cooperation) for the peace mission between believers. Is precisely the strategy visit on this day, because it is divided into 2 group, there is nothing here (pondok Ngalah/Yudharta campus) and there the Tebuireng Pesantren. Due to the current Sholeh Kyai known succession struggles between religious peace after Wahid's death ". Mr. Rector added, "on 29 October 2016 which will advent University Yudharta will return arrival guests from University of Petra Surabaya to conduct dialogue on the life of keberagamaan.

Next message from the mother of Sabine "Government Germany has no specific policies in relation to the religious identity of the people. There is no description of the religion in ID CARD Germany. Sekolahpun also not all teaching matakuliah religion on their students. So if the family did not teach about religion then those students would not be religious it means he does not adhere to any religion. "