Fun group of Education, SERVICE LEARNING Village Jarangan invite Students play and learn

Vibrant commemorate the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia already feels even one week before the anniversary, it looks from one of the villages where the real work of College activities (CCN) University Yudharta Pasuruan that is the village Jarangan. On Wednesday (09/08) Group 1 who is doing such village of CCN activity held a contest for elementary school students with carrying the theme Fun Education that aims to foster a sense of wanting to learn, the school became a place of such activities is SDN Jarangan 1. Some of the activities carried out in them are a race of intelligent race carefully, break the water balloons, place the pencil into the bottle as well as the race read Pancasila before the public. When it was confirmed on the reasons the event Chairman that is Dhohir Abidin explained that the reason was to create students who have ample insight as well as foster a sense of pancasilais. " … This event the aim is so that students can be given basic lessons such as the color of the flag of Indonesia, then we also held a contest reading of Pancasila which aim to know and bear in mind about the content-the content of the Pancasila ", he said. When the event is confirmed on the principal of SDN Jarangan 1 explains that he was grateful to the CCN group already want to make this event to spotlight the money Indonesia the year 72. It is also expected to become a reference point for further activities that have meant by such groups. (A_R). By: