Graduation Bachelor University 2016 Yudharta Successfully implemented

Saturday 24 December 2016 Yudharta Pasuruan, the University managed to deliver the small stage towards graduation 399. The event is housed in the building of the Hall of Pancasila Yudharta. The Senate meeting attended by Bupati of Pasuruan, Sheikh Murshid Thoriqah Dr. Muhammad Fadil and Dr. Urib Santoso scientific oration as a speaker.

The graduation procession begins with wisudawan-wisudawati. Next song Indonesia Raya, the next message from the Rector of the University Dr. Yudharta Saifullah m. HI.

In his speech he said "science that you guys get for 4 years this should be practiced. Not to not use let me not losing direction let alone until the idle (not either). If you still do not wish proceed to S2, it is expected you are able to get a job (profession) in accordance with keilmuannya. More expected again you open the field work alone ".

Afterwards, the procession of the penyematan to the wisudawan wisudawati-399. On the sidelines of the procession of events penyematan, Dr. Muhammad Fadil delivers opening remarks at once pengijazahan (awarding academic isnaad) book of Tafsir Al-Gilani works of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani to KH. Sholeh Bahruddin and all invited guests.

Then next, chanting hymns Yudharta voiced by choir Yudharta. Hymn of the Yudhara can be downloaded here.

The next Scientific Oration delivered by Dr. Urib Santoso. In his speech he says that colleges as soko guru of good governance to developing good corporate governance (corporate governance). According to the great dictionary of Indonesian Language, saka in Javanese translated as pillars of the House. Saka teacher is further defined as the main pillar of the House and metaphorically saka teachers interpreted as something that became the enforcer or pengukuh. Thus the College a College in this context as something that strengthens or used to strengthen Good Governance. Said Dr. Andrew.

The graduation ceremony either mauidhotul and closed with a prayer by KH. Sholeh Bahruddin. In his speech He said the University was founded with the goal of Yudharta so that citizens could become a scholar of NU that it becomes not only a player audience, meaning that residents should NU participated in Government, education, and educate the nation, which is all that is required by the terms of the undergraduate diploma. He also said tegaknya religion and the nation is due to the 4 divisions, namely the Clergy (scientists), Government, law enforcement (TNI/Polri), and businessman.