Greet The Arrival Of The Professor Of Hiroshima University

Pasuruan, September 5, 2016. Rector of the University Yudharta Dr. h. Saifulah, MHI had the pleasure of receiving guests from Hiroshima University, Japan (27/3). It is due to the arrival of the guests is a series of activities beginning before the signing of the MoU.

There are two main Agendas in the visit this time is, first, the International Public As 2016 By Fujikawa Yoshinori, Ph.d. in Ed. (Japan) with the theme “Culture and Technology” anf Tuswadi, Ph.d. in Ed (Indonesia) with the theme “became a Worldwide Student and an accomplished” which was attended by about 30 students from various majors. The show starts 09.00-11.30 PM GMT at the postgraduate level. Then proceed to the next agenda, namely the Indonesia-Japan Cooperation Workshop; UYP-Hiroshima University attended by the Civitas Akademika UYP (Rector and the entire Jajaranya). The event starts 12.00-13.30 at the Hall led to the Meeting. The results of the meeting: Joint Research between universities, Exchange Lecturer, student exchange and Scholarship opportunities

In his speech the Rector UYP hope, cooperation is done more leads in the field of agriculture. “Indeed that this cooperation more leads on technology agriculture so that will be a lot of contact with them is the associated faculty i.e. Faculty of agriculture and industry,” he added.

Meanwhile Tuswadi, Ph.d. in Ed as a lecturer of Hiroshima University which, incidentally, also a native of Indonesia said, we continue to explore the cooperation programs with the best campus-kampu at Indonesia. “the start of this visit as we Yudharta University ta’aruf, then quite possibly actionable, depending on the seriousness of the US. Because the most important implementation, whether it be in the form of an exchange of students, joint research or exchanges of professors, “said born in Banjarnegara.