HimaESy The Title Of The Seminar On Tax Amnesty

Saturday, November 19, 2016 Himaesy University Yudharta deploying seminar Tax Amnesty 2016 held in the Hall of Pancasila with the theme of "Peeled Completely the tax amnesty to meet taxpayer data openness". The dinarasumberi seminar by Mr. Ade Joseph of KPP Pratama Pasuruan. He is highly skilled in the field of taxation and also served as accounting for 9 years.

According to him the Amnesty Tax/Tax Amnesty is the abolition of taxes that should have been payable, not subject to taxation and administrative sanctions criminal sanctions in the field of taxation by way of uncovering treasure and paid the ransom.

If a taxpayer follows the tax amnesty program it will benefit in the form of:
1. The Elimination of the taxes that should have been payable.
2. Not subject to administrative sanctions criminal sanctions taxation and taxation.
3. Not done the examination, examination of evidence, and the beginning of the investigation.
4. The cessation of the process of examination, the examination of the evidence, and the beginning of the investigation.
5. The secret warranty where Tax Remission data cannot be relied upon inquiry and investigation of other criminal acts.
6. The liberation of PPh associated process behind the name of the property.

As for who can take advantage of the tax amnesty is the whole personal person either Taxpayers or the body of the institution, except in the following circumstances:
1. Being conducted investigation and files,
2. Penyidikannya has the P-21,
3. Is undergoing judicial proceedings,
4. Is undergoing the punishment, for criminal acts in the field of taxation.

"Technical tax amnesty application can be submitted to KPP place Taxpayer is registered or a particular Embassy." Said Mr. Ade Joseph.