Hundreds Of Brave Men Fence Combined Exercises Title Nusa Tenggara

Pasuruan, 23 October 2016. In order to commemorate the national day of students, which fell on 22 October, SME fence nusa Yudharta deploying joint exercises pencak silat fence nusa se Mojokerto and Pasuruan. Place the show in the Hall of Pancasila Yudharta. Participants were mostly from the Organization of extracurricular pagarnusa school.

The event was attended by approximately 500 participants that began with warm-up run Kembangkuning Sengonagung surrounding the village. Furthermore held performances pencak silat from each delegate sub rayon district, along with his coach who also demonstrated silat movements typical Fence Nusa. The next event to duel test pencak silat. Participants are asked to fight against other participants of different sub rayon. In this test match not to seek Championships but rather to establish brotherhood pencak silat fence nusa Mojokerto and Pasuruan, with to find out the extent to which his coach in guiding his protégé participant.

Of course coach Pencak silat martial arts teaches Nusa Tenggara Fence not to fight but to preserve the culture of the nusa Tenggara fence pencak silat is the founder of Nahdlatul Ulama and men to defend themselves from mala danger.

It served the pencak silat themed synergize rope silaturrahmi as a manifestation of unity. According to the Committee, as Hikam Sirajul organizers "moments this combined exercise was deliberately carried out in order to commemorate the day students. The goal is to establish persaudaran santri pencak silat nusa fence and to unite to defend SO, from the perspective of pencak silat. In addition to introducing to the public, Nusa Tenggara Fence that pencak silat was not taught to fight but to defend ourselves from danger. This event is indeed the recently held first, because new students this year. Our hope selajutnya is hopefully pencak silat Fence Nusa bangsa Indonesia name scent could be in martial arts ".