IMABI Yudharta deploying collaboration 18 College students of business administration

Yudharta, 27 November. Strengthen the cooperation network, hundreds of students from 18 Universities dilingkup region IV IMABI (Business Administration Student Ties Indonesia) gathered in the Hall of the Pancasila University Yudharta Pasuruan, Saturday (26/11/1999)

Moses as Chairman Himabis UYP said that the follow-up of the event which lasted Full Day this is the creation of cooperation student IMABI (business administration Student Bonding) region IV and the increasing quality of the Personel Resources students.

"Our hope, Yes, after the activity is finished we can strengthen cooperation and improve the quality of individual students". Said Musa

When asked why diselenggarahkan in Yudharta, Moses said that this event is a follow-up from region IV Coordinator election Congress held in Jember University (04/06/16).

"So this time, the meeting is a follow-up of the decisions and the Congress election coordinator region IV in Java, Bali and Sumbawa that was held at the University of Jember on 4 June yesterday". The activities of the person in charge said. (Dyah)