Improve the skills of Older students UYP Create "Smart House" in LKSA Miftahul Ulum Lekok

Along with the expansion of the age of the child until adulthood, they have towards the development of not only physical but also mental and skill. Although these two developments running naturally, parents have an important role to help so that maximum. What's with the development of skills which require considerable attention so it can be grown very well. Then, what about the children who are away from all the attention? LKSA (Social Welfare Institute children) the Miftahul Ulum to its geographical location in the village of capacity of Subdistricts Lekok Pasuruan became one of the target Smart Home created by University students Yudharta Pasuruan who are members of Group 11 KKN PPM 2017. Their limitations as a kids away from the attention of the parents become big motivation for students to pack the Smart Home to make it more fun but still effective in feeding children. Programs that have been initiated in ripe by 20 students have been started since 07 August 2017. Its main concept is the increase in the presence of the child with the skills of 3 classes, including the class IT skills, creativity and class public speaking class. Besides LKSA "Smart Home" is also wide open for General children living around the village, district Capacity Lekok Pasuruan. Three classes will be tutored by the students of the Department of berabagai in the three aforementioned skills. One thing that makes this smart home become even more interesting is the presence of foreign language learning in a public speaking class. The participants will not only become more confident but also skilled and daring to practice foreign language skills. (dh) By: