Prevent Abrasion, Student Yudharta Mangrove Tree Planting

Yudharta Pasuruan, University students who are members of the Group of Patuguran village Rejoso PPM CCN Pasuruan, do the action of planting trees along the North coast of the beach lekok and rejoso, which aim to prevent abrari ground. Sunday (06/08/2017). When in call portalarjuna Muslim group Chairman CCN chronicling a very useful program for residents around the coast and the Causeway, especially when sea water tide and the rainy season. He thinks the program save the mangrove, apart from the results of the research group is also motivated by the solution offered Mr. luhut Minister leading the Republic of Indonesia while on campus "mangrove tree planting Movement in coastal areas like this, need to patuguran village of digalakan. Because I still remember the moment the leading Ministers come to our campus, which is to say that the solution is a beach with abrasion mangrove planting, so that our group made the program save the mangroves "bright muslim. Nur Kholis said activities Coordinator that the programme be implemented because the presence of his team and the solidarity contribution, guidance from the Chairman of farmer groups Ijo Sustainably engaged in Reforestation of mangrove. "God bless you, thanks to the cohesiveness of the team environment, the program save the mangroves would operate, although still in its early stages. The obvious thought donations from Mr. Karyono ijo Group Chairman lestari strongly support the success of the Program "Pungkasnya. (Mus) By: