Prime Activities Of SME Environment Lovers Argo

Pasuruan, 16 October 2016. Organization of student activity units (UKM) Argo initiated his pace with conduct gatherings of the environment, which is housed in the grounds of the University Yudharta. This activity was carried out during the two-day i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
The event starts at 16.00 BST, which begins with a ceremonial event then continued with the analysis of the learning material is water pollution. Sunday morning field studies of water pollution impacting on the Sumberkambang Sukorejo Pasuruan.
According to Rochman Muzaqi speaker Committee organizers "have been many environmental pollution occurs around us. Development does not only produce the benefits but also the risks. Pollution and destruction are two risks that cannot be avoided in order to run development. From that perspective we try to dedicate ourselves to participate actively in environmental preservation efforts in the Regency Pasuruan. We intend to collect the people who know the problems spring Sumberkambang Sukorejo to sit together on the kegitan webpage source texts. "
In a draft of his proposal in writing source texts aims to declare the SME Saunggalih to the public, logging the early spring in the Arjuno, urun rembuk opens the perpetrators of environmental conservationist in Pasuruan, holding water from upstream analysis study to downstream.
As for the participants of those off-campus students covering Yudharta, NGOs, and the actuator of the environment.