Psychology student held Counseling Free for 1 month

Psychology student open practice counseling in car parking Yudharta University. These activities are already carried out each year on the odd semesters. Last year housed at basecamp hima psychology, while at times this place was more open, so that participants who followed the guidance of clien/more of this. There are already recorded 20 participants who already test test counseling accounts since yesterday (27-12-16), which consists of students, students of HIGH SCHOOL level.

The theme this time is "Stalking Corner" which means searching for and providing knowledge on Psychology Counseling (stalking) are housed in the corner (corner) the campus parking lot.

This free tutoring is opened starting Tuesday (27-12-16) and will be held for 1 month. Counseling services begin at 9.00 until 14.00 GMT. Technical guidance counseling is a participant to register, fill out the appropriate counseling personality test and then test examiners provide direction and motivation in accordance with test results of counselling.

There are 7 different test counselling that can be chosen by participants, namely talent counseling interest, togetherness, couple, turmoil, emotion, character, the psychology of love, and self views. There are 23 testers test counseling at this time, tutored by Nanik Caliph, s. Psi., M.Si.

According to Warda, one of the organizers of activities "in addition to fulfill the duties of the practice of psychology, the purpose of this activity is organized to provide knowledge to the public especially students about the importance of attention to counseling, behavior towards your fellow friends and family. As well as this event serves to apply psychological theories that have already been learned so far in college. "