A Public Dialogue On Tackling Drugs

The circulation of narcotic drugs in the environment of the young generation in East Java began to enter the stage of worrying. Because, every year the number of users of narcotic drugs continues to grow. Concerns were taken seriously the head of prevention and community empowerment BNNP Jatim, AKBP Ria Damayanti, SH, MM.
He sets forth, in rangkah to prevent the abusive and circulation of Narcotics Department of the College has employed in East Java and also look forward to the County Government soon so that it forms a body of Pasuruan Narcotics National District (BNNK) to perform upayah prevention Pasuruan early circulation of narcotics and penyalagunaannya through the awarding of educational provision made masayarakat in particular as a youth Student shoots.
"The purpose of this activity is to provide an overview of drug circulation, and most importantly, prevention efforts lest there are events of the arrest" papar "dialogue events when Ria Public; Mapping Drug Prevention in college "cooperation BNNP University of East Java, Yudharta Pasuruan (UYP) and their Pasuruan Regency Government, in Hall Meeting UYP, Tuesday (17/1).
While greeting the Rector Dr. Saifulah UYP, MHI in the presence of Students and professors also returned UYP asserted, "synergy BNNP with the College is expected to tackle the circulation and drug abuse, especially to the younger sister of a student not to so the user much less involved as the drug dealer"
This precaution was indeed need to do early on in an environment of colleges and boarding schools. "Because young children are now vulnerable with an identical free association with drugs. For it BNNP, Pasuruan District UYP, and hand in order to provide education to prepare our students as the embodiment of devotion in the community, "he explained.
Further disclosed Ershad Joseph, SE, MM as the Regent Kabupaten Pasuruan, early prevention efforts required a sinergisitas with the College are considered essential in providing education to students and will also soon form a BNN Pasuruan Regency (BNNK). "The County Government will soon take steps quickly in the formation of BNNK and task force eradication of Misuse and Illicit Drugs (P4GN)," he said.
On different occasions, as a commitment to combat drugs, civitas academic UYP also is willing to follow the activity of a urine test by BNNP East Java followed by Professors and students a number of 100 people.