Rector Yudharta: Spirituality Wahid Triplicate, Islamic Faith Ikhsan

Wahid never fear in defending groups are unfairly treated to resist ruling despots, the courage of Wahid is not sourced from other spritualitasnya the high and deep. "Gus Dur never fear. He had a conception, that he is with his God. Anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Always do good to anyone, anywhere, and at any time ", says Dr. h. Saifulah, d. HI., Yudharta Pasuruan as Rector of the University as speakers in the activities of prayer and Budheg with the theme of" Trace the roots of Wahid's spirituality "organized by the community So Just Why Bother (KGSKR) network Gusdurian (JGD) Pasuruan in commemorating the birth of the Wahid-77 in Space University graduate Yudharta Pasuruan (4/08/2017). "Because of his spiritual triple Wahid, Muslim, faith, Ikhsan," added Chairman FKUB Regency Pasuruan. Saifulah also recounts her experiences while in Cairo of Egypt in search of traces of Wahid's study. "We were never looking for a place where he lived when Wahid in Cairo Egypt. It turns out that Wahid mondoknya at the grave of Syech Amin, author of the book Tanwirul Kulub. Gratis. While studying at Al-Azhar University, the term kegampangen, as the lessons already learned in Java while at boarding school, "recalled the head of of the cottages at time of Wahid's first visit to the Ngalah boarding school. "Even Wahid also grasping 35 35 Thoriqah variety or the science of tasawwuf", specialized in the science of Tasawwuf pungkas Doctorate. According to Nice Sulistyawan, Wahid was the human figure and gave him the inspiration of being more tolerant. "Gus Dur inspire do tolerant and give as many benefits to others", the impression of Chairman Himaprodi business administration (HIMABIS) University of the 2016-2017 Yudharta Pasuruan. The activity was attended also by Pdt. David Kurniawan, youths EXCHANGED (Church Bethel Gospel Pentecostalism) Pandaan, PMII Ngalah, PMII Pancawahana, fence Nusa UYP, IPPNU, Moslem, Yudharta Pasuruan, University students and Student boarding schools Ngalah.   Author: Makhfud Graduate Syawaludin multicultural PIES