Strengthen Cooperation, Yudharta-Petra Religious Dialog Title

Efforts foster a sense of mutual respect and respect between believers of creating unity between religious as well as strengthen the life of nation and State in the context of the diversity of beliefs in Indonesia, Universitas Yudharta and Petra Christian University held a Religious Dialogue activities level of Students housed in the building of Pancasila University Yudharta Pasuruan, with the theme "diversity of Knitting to build Civilization nation".
Activities that take place on Saturday (29/10/2016) aimed at, firstly, strengthening cooperation and Pcu UYP, secondly, assist kesalingpahaman among different religious especially the students, so as not to cause suspicion among them, third, unifying between believers in Indonesia as well as to strengthen the integrity of the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia which lately faced various threats.
When confirmed, Marzuki one of the organizers of these activities say "as much as 21 students and two Lecturers Pcu will be present in this activity, before heading to the Hall they will bersilaturrahim to KH. Dharma Bahruddin as Nanny boarding schools Ngalah "
When the ceremonial opening of the event was attended by Saifulah as Rector of Univ. Yudharta along the range and as the head of the spiritual Unit Bedjo Pcu. In his speech Bedjo claimed to welcome highly impressed with the courtesy and friendliness shown Kyai Dharma "thank you we pass on to the whole range of academic Yudharta, and the experience we get here is step while visiting a very polite Dharma Patni and kindly received us as is"
This series of activities beginning with the opening and welcome – welcome representatives from each campus and the reading of the text of the oath of youth led by Jamal Sdr and is followed by all students Yudharta and UK. Petra. Later events intercultural dialogue with students, students and students with Professors. Sorely feels the warmth and familiarity in this activity despite their different beliefs. There are three interesting theme discussed the participants including the following practice, the experience of keberagamaan as a scientific discourse, Pancasila in perspective of belief respectively, and Contemporary issues such as pluralistic, atheism, terrorism.