Student Success Program Ccn, Yudharta So Interviewees Make Ice Cream Mangrove

The success of the Group 4 Yudharta Pasuruan Universities KKN in mangrove fruit Processed training program, motivating Chairman Pengerak PKK Patuguran Village for them in the routine bulananya in the local village Hall, Wednesday (09/08/2017) is now found my activities, which the presenter Hanan said that he was very happy to be able to share knowledge to Local PKK mothers, while he also added that currently owned competence , is the fruit of his efforts to learn from Mother Erna Lecturer Faculty of agriculture Universitas Yudharta before Activities start at CCN. "Senanglah, can share knowledge, because this ice cream made me and my friends also learn to Mother Erna THPI lecturer before I depart KKN" bright students of business administration with the vernacular maduranya Abdul Hafidz Creative Economic Team that also convey that sangking the number of student participants including STAIS Pasuruan, until it doesn't goto the results Creamnya because the Ice exceeds the estimated number of participants. "We are sorry for participants who have not goto the ice cream including my friends from STAIS Shalahudin participating, because the information we can not such a large number of participants". Said Richard Agribusiness Students. (Mus) By: Portal Arjuna