Sukseskan Azolla Cultivation Program and feed the fish. Students visit Yudharta Chairman HNSI Kab. Pasuruan

In the work programme of the Group make the CCN Yudharta Pasuruan University in the village of Patuguran district. Rejoso went to H Ilyas as Chairman of HSNI (set of Fishermen Throughout Indonesia) dikediamannya, Pasuruan Regency Thursday (03/08/2017) to portalarjuna Muslims as Group Chairman said that his encounter with the HSNI Chair meant for hospitality and related cooperation program which will be used as azolla cultivation base material feed fish farmed in milkfish citizens, along with several other programs. "This morning I was correct and the team dibatuh team of creative economic environment conduct silatirahmi home abaad ilyas, head of the Fishermen Kab pasuruan. And God bless you he is working welcom the program that we offer ". Muslim said while confirming the truth of the matter, Haji Ilyas who is also Chairman of farmers group Mina Jaya Superior is so expect fish whitefish feed program that. He thinks the program is very useful, because before him have got a donation tool but not the fish feed products as expected. "Nge. Nice, I've got the tools to feed the fish that used to be but the result could not float, perhaps with azolla which will be cultivated friends CCN itiu result can float ". Bright Chair HSNI Kab. Paauruan In contact at patuguran or ministry和食 village of CCN posko one team revealed that the Environmental benefits of azolla are very good for the growth of fish and whitefish when asked whether the results can be floated, with optimisnya he answered Yes can float "benefits of azolla is very good acceleration for mas, fish … Yes it can float" which showed in his hand or ministry和食 pungkas plant azallo. (Mus) By: