Take advantage of the potential of the village with the Socialization of empowerment the results of cow dung

Village Capacity, has a potential of Pasuruan Lekok assortment of one is the dairy cows, but not many of these villagers know and understand about the multitude of benefits produced by cows ranging from skin to litter. As a result some issues appear and cover the potential of the village. Several students groups 11 KKN PPM Yudharta Pasuruan University 2017 stationed in the village of menggagaskan a program of empowerment the results of cow dung that can most likely fix the problem. The idea embodied in the form of programs and begins with socialization at once approach towards this society gets a pretty good response by some public figures and cattle farmers. Event socialization which has held on Friday, August 11, 2017 yesterday it went well but had a chance to make the students fear lack of hadiran the invitation that allows great can happen due to the busyness of the breeder will supervise the activities of the beef cattle. "Changing the mindset of the community here is indeed difficult, but we are my own and even will try very hard," said according to the student of the science of Psychology as the resource person socializing. Event dihelatkan in the village hall Capacity is very evocative of the students given the large number of cows which if calculated in a hamlet about 395 cows and a State filled with dirt. The result of socialization and discussions with this community by using biogas utilization deals or compost. (dh) By: Portalarjuna.net