The Appointment Of A New Caretaker Matan Komisariat Yudharta

Sunday, 18/12/16 inauguration of the steward MATAN (Student Ahlith Thariqoh Al Mu'tabaroh – Annahdiyah) komisariat Yudharta 2016-2017 which is housed in the Hall of the Pancasila University Yudharta Pasuruan opened with a greeting by Chairman Mujib. The event takes place from this morning attended by Komisariat MATAN Unisma Malang.

This event aims to let MATAN back alive with new management and is able to be an organization with the spirit Allahu Akbar for the sake of the future SO. The Chairman of the FORMER branches of the Pasuruan Abdurrahman Amin, s. Sos asserts that FORMER status as extracurricular on campus Univ. Yudharta Pasuruan.

Dilanjut with procession of the inauguration and the reading of the Pledge MATAN goes with the wisdom which was followed by the Chairman Elected MATAN komisariat Univ. Yudharta Pasuruan Priest Gus and stewards MATAN of the period 2016-2017. This event is closed with a prayer and the reading of welcome by the Rector of the University Yudharta Pasuruan Dr. Saifullah, MHI. (Bas)