The form of the characters are resilient, CCN Group Village Jarangan-Rejoso Taught the game to the youth of the village Band Drums

College real work (1980) conducted by the University Yudharta Pasuruan have until on day six, many activities have been carried out every group that is spread across the three districts, Rejoso, Lekok, and Grati. One of the groups, the Group 1 in the village Jarangan, district Rejoso, Pasuruan Regency do Drumband training activities to grow the characters are resilient to any teenager in the village. This activity has been carried out on Sunday morning 09.00 06/08, this activity follow by 5 participants that the majority are young men of the village. These activities are conducted at the madrasa al-ikhlas belongs to Ustadz Tholib. According to the explanation of coach durmband is one member of the Group Fatkhulloh to portalarjuna Muhammmad CCN, he had the pleasure of being able to teach science that he can and applaud with enthusiasm of youth from the village. "… yeah glad to divide science I ever get the time young, and enthusiastic young man of the village is very good." He said he was indeed one of the programs of work of this group is advancing the village with all the potential that is there, it also complies with the principle of holding a real job lecture activities is to build relationships with community-based research. Apart from these activities there are many activities that will be undertaken by the Group 1 that aims to advance the village of Jarangan one of the best potential of the digging of the village. Source: Portal Of Arjuna.