UYP Title Eat Fish Free In Order To Commemorate The Day Of National Fish

Memorial Day national fish (Harkanas) which falls on November 21, turned out a number of interesting elements of society and academia to memeriahkannya. Not to be outdone, Thursday (24/12/2016) Faculty of Agriculture University of Yudharta Pasuruan with organization of Student Affairs Student Farm Set (Himaperta) deploying eat fish free of charge for students.

The event followed by all mahaiswa, lecturer, and head of the study Program Technology Results Fisheries Ir Ernawati MP was conceptualized in the feel of the village. The fish is burned above the furnace using firewood.

Chairman Himaperta Ainul Yaqin explains, the purpose of this event was held to create a generation of Nations that have good nutrition by consuming fish and petrol.

Then, to arouse the students about the importance of consuming this fish because it has good nutritional value, students were herded together to eat grilled fish. "Today is a special day. So, we shared the results of the fishery science technology students try to create a new genre with roll out to eat grilled fish with saman, "he said.

Results Of Fisheries Science Technology Kaprodi Ir Ernawati MP. fish consumption confirms that it has to be done. Rich in protein and nutritional value in them can stimulate the brain to work properly. "Fish consumption was important, its nutrition value contained very complex. So, opportunities like this are very well aware of the public, especially students to fond of eating fish, "he said when encountered PasuruanTimes.

Erna also explained that Today the national fish is one of the efforts the parties of academics to support government programs in the leading sectors. "Pak Jokowi already initiated a maritime programs. We think grilled fish feeding mengelar with one of our support against government programs, "so he said.