Visitasi University Institutional Accreditation Yudharta

A team of assessors BAN-PT consisting of Prof. Mulyadi Bur (Andalas University), Prof. Nasir Muhammad (UMI Makassar), Prof. Djaman Satori (UPI), and Prof. Sumi Hudiyono (UI), Wednesday (12/07), visited the University of Yudharta Pasuruan (UYP). Visitasi this is in order to Accredit Institutions of higher education (AIPT) Yudharta University for the first time in history, since UYP was founded in 2002. A team from the national accreditation body of this College, scheduled to be on campus UYP for 3 days, 12-14 July 2017. Visitasi beginning with the opening event attended by the pembina Foundation Darut Taqwa, head of the University, faculty, Department, as well as other work units in the neighborhood UYP, including with representatives of the students, and continues with the visit of airy. KH. M. Saalih Bahruddin as the pembina Foundation Darut Taqwa when greeting Yudharta University says, "is part of our efforts help States, all assets owned by the Foundation I have wakafkan to the country. Then he continued his speech, one of the basic principles to do himself as Kyai, "I shared my descendant children there in the zone" the sunan-ness ", while students, professors, and all the employees there are in the zone to-sultan-ness", he said. "the sunan-ness" is Kyai is of Kyai and their older offspring not diperkanankan dive into the world of practical politics. While "the sultan of the 80s" is the zone and the arena for all students, professors, and employees to play an active role, including a foray into the world of practical politics. "there should be a clear division of tasks so that is not the case with Patni friction between santri, Kyai with Lecturer" he said. Later, Prof. Nasir Muhammad, when a team of assessors representing greeting said, "we are absolutely not the Attorney or KPK shall check the UYP, but only for the assessment service at once kroscek the suitability of anything that exists in forms that have been submitted to the UYP BAN-PT in Jakarta with actual reality". For that reason, he hoped that the annotate UYP akademika as-is to the questions the team of assessors. The series of berikutmya Rector UYP Dr. h. Saifulah, MHI explains in brief everything about UYP. Starting from the vision and mission, until the University desires to be able to play an active role in the intellectual life of the nation through education, research, and public service, based on the values of religious societies-pluralistic. UYP's efforts also delivered to hold first settled, especially in increasing HUMAN RESOURCES in UYP. After the face-to-face, the event continued with a visit to the facilities; include: library, information systems, laboratory, academic administration, academic programs, financial, research and community service. In addition to an audience with the leadership of the University, faculty, and work units, as well as presentation forms, activities on Wednesday (12/07) filled with events face-to-face with the leaders of work units (faculties, institutes, UPT, graduate programs); and again continued with the examination of the documents the next day Thursday (13/07). Separately two assessors that day there are also activities: face-to-face with students, alumni, stakeholders, and users of the alumni.