The noble ideals of the KH. M. Saalih Bahruddin commonly called Kyai Sholeh was founded the College that blends with the boarding schools, capable of printing a man who balanced the World Affairs and the Affairs of the hereafter, have the brainpower of Japan and with a heart of the Medina.

The great work started in 1979 by establishing boarding schools Darut Taqwa commonly known as "Ngalah that teaches how the students and the surrounding community berakhlakul karimah have hearts. A lot of his commitment to continuing to help too by establishing the remote class STAIP (Islamic religious high school in Pasuruan) majoring in Islamic studies in 1994 to santrinya in order to provide insightful higher.

Three years later in 1997 precisely Kyai Sholeh founded STAIS (Sengonagung Islamic high school) with 2 majors namely Islamic education (PIE) and Arabic (PBA) with a pointed Rojil Ghufron, SH as the first Chairman of the STAIS.

The presence of the figure of KH. Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) as the OUTGOING Chairman on 20 October 2006 to Ngalah in order to "Keynote Speaker lecture guest students highly memorable and STAIP hope to kyai sholeh Ngalah boarding schools to make as a centre of study of the NU and the center of forging cadres NU cadres in the future, making a rather careful kyai sholeh to prepare for the establishment of universities in Pasuruan Regency.

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Almighty Allah ma'unah. precisely the date 1 August 2002 based on SK Mendiknas No. 146/D/O/2002 stood at Regency Pasuruan Yudharta University who were "under Ngalah surroundings Foundation Darut Taqwa and given a mandate as the first Rector of the University is Dr. Yudharta h. Muhammad Sochib, m. Pd.

Adapaun permits the Organization of University Yudharta has been updated with the receipt of the Director General of higher education DECREE No. 919-929/D/O/2005. It is important that current Sholeh kyai is of concern makes the campus the campus as people, Yudharta delivering his student as a human Kaffah, with a religious and intellectual quality and social keshalehan, tolerance and can live side by side, always provide peace and peace and has always had the power function for all Muslims.

This desire terejawantahkan in the vision of the University, i.e. making the University as a vehicle of development and discovery of science and technology, which is based on the life of the community values that pluralistic to print professional moral religious scholars.


Making the University as a vehicle of development and discovery of science and technology based on the values of religious life of the community that maintains a professional degree to pluralistic and dignified.

The MISSION of the

1. Organizing the learning that can make students have the ability to be independent, analytical, critical, creative, and innovative. 2. Conducts research and devotion to society to produce works â € "innovative work in order to play a role against progress and self-reliance of the community. 3. Creating a climate of academic beraksentusi to the development of pluralistic religious science.


1. In drafting and developing programs, University Yudharta Pasuruan berazaskan Pancasila, while its operational base is: 2. The Constitution of 1945 3. Act No. 2 of 1989. Law No. 20 of 2003 on the national education system 4. Government Regulation number 60 in 1989 about higher education 5. The decision of the Minister of education and culture the number 056/U/1994 jo Decision Minister of national education of the Republic of Indonesia number: 232/U/2000 on guidelines for the preparation of the curriculum of higher education and student learning outcomes assessment 6. The decision of the Minister of national education number 234/U/2000 on the establishment of College guidelines 7. The decision of the Minister of national education number 146 in 2002 about the permit holding of University Status University Yudharta Pasuruan Yudharta Pasuruan, in line with the principle and basis of the above, the purpose of conducting education in University Yudharta Pasuruan is to prepare students to become members of the community who are tough, professional, responsible and dignified


Berpribadi tough, Critical, independent, Professional, innovative, and Are religious.